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Campaign for lovely labels! March 5, 2008

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Modern metal garden label        Organic green garden labels        Evil white garden label

It’s the Mrs here – yes I do exist! At last I have actually been trusted to write a blog entry – or in reality had access to the computer long enough to do so – hhhmmm.

Last week when we were planting out the various seeds and the potatoes it was my honourable task to write the labels. Frustratingly we have three different types of labels and with my self-diagnosed O.C.D. kicking in I wish we’d stuck with one type! I am keen to have jam packed full beds but also keen that the garden looks pretty and girly – I’ve got to have some space for candles, windchimes and oh yeah, flowers. Anyhow back to the labels…

We received the green labels as a Christmas gift and I really like the fact that the look quite organic but they don’t seem to be lasting that well. The metal ones were found at a car boot sale but offer a modern and trendy feel – I get quite an urge to put a metal watering can next to them and take a photo for Ideal Home magazine. That just leaves the white plastic labels – well say no more – I’m starting a campaign to get rid of them! I know they’re probably the most functional but surely the veggies and plants should be the focus, not bright white labels littering the beds. I beg you to offer your support!