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How I store my vegetable seeds January 21, 2008

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seed storage      

After thinking long and hard about what to do with the cardboard box of seeds sitting in the sideboard, i went to Woolworths and bought 6 small plastic containers. I subsequently changed my mind, put all my nails, nuts, bolts etc in the plastic containers and used their boxes for seeds as per the picture.

This means i can keep the seeds in their original packaging and have been able to separate them into the four main families (roots, legumes, cucurbits, brassicas) – one for each bed and also have a draw for the oddbods such as peppers and tomatoes that won’t go in the beds, and one for herbs. I’ve tried separating them by planting month, but using this method alongside the planting plan is much easier.

I’ve bought what i think are my last seeds for this season this week too, a pack of Brussel Sprouts. Soon it will be time to get sowing.

Next job: Set the tatties out to chit.



4 Responses to “How I store my vegetable seeds”

  1. Curtis Says:

    I like your seed storage method. Looks like the storage for seed at our local feed store. Mine are still in the plastic wal mart bag from last year. May get a plastic pullout storage for my seed.

  2. Paul Says:

    That looks lovely! Mine are all in an old cake tin, not quite as organised… 😉

  3. Love the wooden drawers, mine are in old chocolate tins which serves a purpose but not as nice looking as yours!

  4. earthwoman Says:

    Like everyone else, I am loving the seed boxes.

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