Vegmonkey and the Mrs.

Vegetable growing in a very small space in Cheltenham

Snowmonkey and the Mrs! January 13, 2008

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The rains came and then the snows. Last time we had bad rains in Gloucestershire, that’s all it was, rain…and lots of it. This time, i still had a problem getting home from work but i actually made it. The snow made it very exciting, so i grabbed the camera and went to explore the new incarnation of the veg plot!

Everything was covered with a thin covering of the white stuff, particularly the Japanese Onions which are more exposed. The early purple sprouting broccoli creaked under the weight, so had to be better supported, the rocket just sat there as happy as larry, still living! and i almost broke bones by nearly slipping over on the patio.

I’m pleased the rocket is still growing, and never realised that it was winter hardy until it started growing past everything else. There will definately be a larger pile this year. The cover had blown off the carrots that are still in the ground, i think that will be the end of them!

snow rocket


6 Responses to “Snowmonkey and the Mrs!”

  1. VP Says:

    We were just below the snow line here, so it came down as sleet. I found out from a bloke photographing the flooding in Chippenham today that Dyson in Malmesbury sent everyone home early on Friday because of the snow and flooding – the first time it’s happened in 10 years!

    My carrots were OK today, so you may be lucky. I’ll be exploring the rocket situation next week in my quest for some early salad stuff!

  2. Curtis Says:

    Hopefully your plants won’t suffer from the snow or the weight of it.

  3. When we get snow, it never lasts very long. Hopefully yours will melt off quickly.

  4. Meg Says:

    It sure looks pretty, but I hope your plants pull through! My own carrots have been through some snow and ice this year, and they are doing fine. If your snow melts quickly, you should be okay. They actually taste much sweeter when they’ve been exposed to cold temperatures!

  5. No snow here (The Netherlands) so far but we have lots of rain. I had the same surprise in my kitchen garden as my rocket has survived the frosts we had last December.

  6. vegmonkey Says:

    Most comments ever…i think!

    VP – try skyrocket, it grows upars apparently, rather than being straggly, and looks great. I’m trying it this year.

    Curtis/FVF – Quite funny actually, the snow went after about ten minutes, pretty rubbish really!

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