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Vegetable growing in a very small space in Cheltenham

Home grown veg for Christmas Dinner! December 27, 2007

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baby carrots for christmas lunch

I sort of decided too late that veg for Christmas dinner would be a good idea, so we only had a few ickle baby carrots as shown below. Still, quite rewarding considering it is almost January. 12 degrees where we are today, who’d a’ thought it (almost warm enough to start planting)! We also ate carrots that had been blanched then frozen from September, and parsnips and leeks that had been harvested and stored in sand for the last couple of months.

This was our first Christmas in the new house, and also our first married Christmas, so it was extra special. We had both sets of parents visiting for Christmas day, and a lot of Christmas food. Needless to say we have rather a lot still left over…looks like turkey for dinner ’til 2009!

It’s also 8 months since we started doing what we are doing! The garden is alive and well, a few things anyway. I’ve left the rest of the carrots that were planted for Christmas lunch in the soil, with a cover over so that come Feb we will hopefully have some lovely big carrots…i hope…it’s worth an experiment anyhow, never overwintered then before!

Finally, the garden had a new present of it’s own today, 2 brand new 6V batteries in the cat scarer….it’s now ‘purring’ perfectly.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all who visit us here.

Vegmonkey and the Mrs.



7 Responses to “Home grown veg for Christmas Dinner!”

  1. Hawthorns Says:

    happy new year

    i had carrots from our garden for christmas lunch and they were about the same size as yours tasted good tho.

  2. Curtis Says:

    Looks and sounds good Vegmonkey!
    Hope you had a good Christmas and have a Happy New Year!

  3. Miranda Bell Says:

    Hi Vegmonkey… this is my first visit – you’ve got some good postings on here – will keep my eye out for more hints and tips during the year… it’s amazing what you can do in a small space… we made a move over to Brittany in France about 4 years ago and you have the opposite problem of too much space (not complaining!) but there’s always masses to do in the garden plus the fact I have a gardening/design business & blog site – so you never get as much time for your own place as you do your clients!

    I’m hoping at least that this year will be better for Tomatoes and Potatoes as most were lost with blight last year.

    Happy New Year when it comes…. Miranda

  4. heebie Says:

    Cool! Excellent carrots!

  5. VP Says:

    Just think on how fashionable (and expensive) baby veg are! We managed carrots like yours, plus leeks, elephant garlic and spuds. Unfortunately I had zero parsnip germination last year.

    A happy new year from Chippenham and I look forward to reading your blog thru 2008!

  6. Graham Henton Says:

    What a lovely bunch of carrots.
    How big were the sprouts?
    What other vegaetables are you going?
    I have been weeding my three 30ft rows of broad beans and my eight 30ft rows of onions today down the allotments.

    Uncle Graham

  7. vegmonkey Says:

    Thanks! The sprouts sadly, went in way too late. I bought them as plugs. This year i have bought some as seeds ready to go! Much more control over it this way. At the moment i have Japanese onions in, a bit of green manure and some very large purple sprouting broccoli that i hope will be cropping sometime soon.

    I would love to have the space you have…i’ve put my name down for an allotment but not sure how long the wait will be as the site has 142 plots and 115 waiting! Nuts. Speak soon.

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