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Sowing Green Manure – winter field bean December 10, 2007

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 green manure winter field bean

The winter field bean was planted early November and the beans quickly sprouted. We planted them in the bed that previously had the courgettes etc in it and in the legumes bed.

They have grown steadily to the height they are now and have even survived having a few barrowloads of manure dumped on them – they grew right through it.

The plan is for the green manure to be dug in, in February. This will give it a good 4 months to grow. Next year the ground will be a little more used but it seemed sensible to plant something so the soil didn’t break down and lose all its nutrients.  I specifically chose this as it doesn’t leave horrid seed heads in the soil like other green manures when dug in that will be a pain to remove in future years.

I don’t think the green manure on its own is all the soil needs, so we’ll be adding some more manure to the beds that need it when i can get hold of some.


6 Responses to “Sowing Green Manure – winter field bean”

  1. VP Says:

    I’ve gone for the thick mulch cover approach instead. I’ve a clayey plot, so digging in February usually isn’t an option unless I want to be sucked into the quagmire!

  2. vegmonkey Says:

    That’s not a bad plan – i have difficulty bringing too much into the garden as it has to come through the house and i’ll get told off if i trash the hall carpet!

  3. Paul Says:

    I’ve filled up most of my space with onions and garlic but I’m starting to think I should ‘do’ something with the bits I’ve got spare… But have no idea what…

  4. VP Says:

    I’ve found one of those pop up bins helps to keep things tidy! 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by on my site and leaving a comment btw, much appreciated!

  5. vegmonkey Says:

    Evening, it depends on your soil really. If it’s full of big clods and clayey then leaving it open and unused for the winter is not necessarily bad as the weather will break it down. It might be worth you putting some manure of some sort on it, the more well-rotted the better, just to improve the soil structure. I’ve got some excess green manure beans i could have sent you but they should have been planted by the end of Nov. You could try and see if there’s a green manre suitable for planting now? Bit tight tho if u want to start planting in March. I’m waffling now. Might be best off just staying indoors where it’s warm!

  6. Curtis Says:

    I have not done anything to my beds what soever though U did put some fireplace ashes on all the beds two days ago.

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