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Vegetable growing in a very small space in Cheltenham

Be gone, feline fouler! November 14, 2007

sonic cat scarer 

The worst pest in our garden is slugs. Without question. But that wasn’t always the case. In fact, up until 2 weekends ago, the worst pets was cats (i do like them when they aren’t pooing, we used to have two little men ourselves). I had plans to build huge cane frames to go over the beds, to cover them in enviromesh and to remove them when we were home. The purpose of this was going to be to keep the cat off the beds.

Every morning, after my cup of tea and toast i have a wander out back, only to usually find a new piece of dirt turned over and a pile of crusty turd.

Two weeks ago i bought a sonic cat scarer. It has a very high frequency that we can’t hear, but the cats can. When they walk across in front of it, it sets the alarm off, and the cats run away. I make sure i turn it off when i’m outside so not to waste the battery but every now and again i leave it on. I know i wouldn’t want to go to the loo in a garden with a shrill siren ringing in my ears!

The result is that we are able to keep the beds completely uncovered! No expensive covers and no poo!

(There was one mess last week, but i’ve found that if i move the ‘machine’ every couple of days it confuses the little blighters!)

It did cost £30 and i will need to replace the battery every now and again but that is a small price to pay for seedlings that are actually allowed to grow!

I’ve read lots on forums and in magazines and think this actually works!

 Now, to work on those slugs…more nematodes  think!


5 Responses to “Be gone, feline fouler!”

  1. Paul Says:

    I’ve been thinking about these, but since we have two cats of our own I was wondering how small their range is. I want to keep the cats off the veg, but obviously don’t want to terrify from out of their own garden kind of thing…

  2. vegmonkey Says:

    Hiya, the cat scarer doesn’t pick up movement through solid objects, so i suppose you could put up some sort of mini fence. It’s difficult having your own cats, but at least it will keep others off. You could try chili powder…after they’ve poo’d, they lick their bottoms and don’t go back! Apparently lion poo works too as it puts them off. I have to say tho, i’ve not had a single mess since i put it in.

    By the way, nice to see another couple our age doing this, their aren’t many of us, and certainly not in Gloucestershire, using back gardens and running blog. I’m gonna add u to my blogroll on my site, hope that’s ok by u.

    Good luck,


    p.s tried to post on your blog, but couldn’t as word verification was blank?!

  3. Paul Says:

    Hey Marcus,
    Not sure my cat’s would talk to me anymore if I put chilli powder down but it’s an amusing idea… 😉 I guess I’ll just keep digging it up when I spot it and shout at them when I spot them digging up the seeds!

    And yeah, there’s not many Gloucestershire gardening blogs that I can find either, and it’d be great to be on your blogroll, I’ll add a link to you on ours too. 🙂

    No idea why the comments wouldn’t work.. It’s doing the same for me… I’ll pop an email off to Blogger…

  4. Paul Says:

    Ok, I’ve turned off the word verification for now, didn’t know it was an option… lol 🙂

  5. Katie Says:

    Woohoo! Success is great!

    Now if they only made something for dogs….

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