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Japanese ‘Senshyu’ Onions Planted November 10, 2007

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Senshyu onions overwintered 

We planted about 100 Senshyu onion sets in the space where the carrots and parsnips have recently come out. These are specially bred for overwintering, as they don’t mind the lack of sun that the short days of winter provide us with. They grow to about 45cm high, like all sets and should be planted between 7 and 15 cm apart depending on the size of onion you require (i like big ones!)

They will be ready to be harvested in June from a November sowing. When they come out the pre-grown cucurbits will go into the space in June.

Even though they don’t store as well as Spring planted sets, they will fill a gap that we need filling! If i remember rightly, we had about 30 onions from the spring sowing which lasted us from mid -August until mid-November. There are only two of us so it was by no means heavy use. We will need to sow twice that next year so a row of leeks and a row of parsnips may have to be discarded, and be replaced by onions.

The way i see it, by the time we have used all of the Autumn sown onions, the Spring ones will be ready to be used. Everyone needs onions! I think we’ll have some red ones come next year. Can anyone recommend any good varieties that are sold as sets? I think Radar is one.


3 Responses to “Japanese ‘Senshyu’ Onions Planted”

  1. John Curtin Says:

    Try Red Baron – I get it from Chase Organic and it has never failed. Keeps well and produces a nice sized onion.

  2. Vera Coulter Says:

    Interested in your story. I am looking for the Senshy onion to plant right now but my Worcester garden center does not have any.Am I too late for this year? ?Does anyone know how to produce ones own sets ?

  3. vegmonkey Says:

    Hi Vera – you are definately not too late for this year, you’ve got a couple of weeks yet. I found some by gchq in cheltenham in a garden centre. It might be worth looking around other centres as some with have some. It’s worth asking too as some places have them hidden amongst daffs and tulip bulbs.

    There are also other varieties that do the same job.

    Thanks Jon – i’ll get that in for next winter…we never seem to have enough space?!

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