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Vegetable growing in a very small space in Cheltenham

Undercover carrots November 8, 2007

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undercover carrots amsterdam forcing 

Not the James Bond type searching for dodgy dealings in the underworld…but my crop of Amsterdam Forcing Carrots! 

These little beauties have been attempting to grow since the tail end of September. The germination was quite erratic and i lost quite a few to slugs but most have come on well. A few are yellowing due to lack of light, but i’m trying to keep the cover off during the day, when i remember in the mornings before work.

I should be rewarded with a nice crop of baby carrots towards the end of December. The cover is a sort of home made whatsit. It’s a cloche from a ‘cheapie’ shop in Cheltenham (Buyology), which was supplied with a badly made zippable plastic cover, that didn’t do the job at all as the cover didn’t fit! I think it cost about £11. At that price, i’m not suprised it wasn’t fit for purpose.

So, the plastic cover was removed and replaced with fleece (excess from a friend who works at a lovely Castle kitchen garden nearby)  which i curled round each pole in the frame and stapled together. Not only does this cover the whole cloche, it is also breathable. The missus added a little sawdust to the mix too, from our latest d.i.y effort, to make the slugs’ lives even more uncomfortable! I think a second is in order to protect the winter rocket and lettuces!


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