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Vegetable growing in a very small space in Cheltenham

When to plant purple sprouting broccoli November 4, 2007

Early purple sprouting broccoli 

The Early Purple Sprouting Broccoli we planted back in March is still growing, somehow surviving a battering from the wind and an invasion of cabbage white butterflies – it should by rights, be dead. However, it will hopefully produce spears around February time. Considering our small space though, it’s a lot of nothing over a long period of time.  So this is the plan for next year

Summer Purple – Sow March to April.  Harvest June to October (this is very early!)

Rudolph (sometimes spelt Rudolf) – Sow March – May. Harvest Nov to Feb

Cardinal – Sow April to May. Harvest March – April

This way we can have an early variety for eating June onwards, and a maincrop that can be grown in a large pot and transplanted in late August time, and can grow into the space previously occupied by the first plant. The third variety (Cardinal) will be planted out in the next bed, Legumes, as by the time the broccoli needs the space, all of the beans, peas and sweetcorn will be coming to an end, which it means we can have broccoli all the way from June to April….and not pay those extortionate supermarket prices. That’s 10 months a year!

During the summer, we will have to cover the brassica bed with either a large frame covered in enviromesh or fleece this year to protect it a little better.


5 Responses to “When to plant purple sprouting broccoli”

  1. Liz Says:

    Purple broccoli does take up a load of space and it’s in the ground for ages but it tastes oh so good when you pick it at a time of year when there’s very little of anything else to pick. Hang in there – it’ll be well worth the wait!

  2. heebie Says:

    I have had one PSB plant this year – it has been providing a good couple of helpings maybe once a fortnight since August. When cut, more side shoots grow. Magic! I’m having 9 plants next year (already planted out and waiting for me to build protection from pigeons) because I love the stuff.

  3. vegmonkey Says:

    Thanks Liz – i can’t wait ’til be can actually eat it!

    Heebie – 9 is a big jump from 1! When will yours crop then if you plant it now? I’d be interested to know which variety too.

  4. […] in April, and it is just beginning to sprout from the main head as can be seen from the picture. I posted previously about the plant and the battering it has taken over the year. It really is a very hardy plant!  I’ll cut […]

  5. ben heaton Says:

    Hi there – Like your site. Can we do a link exchange? We sell veg seeds in the UK, and reckon we are the cheapest at 95p per pack. We’ve over 265 varieties in stock.


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