Vegmonkey and the Mrs.

Vegetable growing in a very small space in Cheltenham

A chance to potter… October 28, 2007

finished home-made greenhouse 

What happened to the rain? We were predicted loads, but not much came. This gave me the chance to finish off a few little jobs that needed doing. The greenhouse (i use the term loosely) is now finished. The old shelving unit, free from is now nailed to the wall to enable it to stay in place over winter, and i have attached sheet plastic to protect the overwintering chilli plants and the last of the spring onions, which are slowly battling on.

I have planted some ‘Valdor’ lettuce, which is only suitable for Autumn planting, in there too, in the hope that it will give us some leaves for summer.

The greenhouse is stapled at the top and pinned at the sides and bottom to enable winter access for me but keep the frost out. I’ve done this in two sections so that i don’t get loads of horrid flappy plastic around me when i go to fetch some veg.

We also popped down to Dundry Nurseries ( ) on the way to the supermarket, and ended up buying a variety of seed and winter bulbs…and this is before all the seed catalogues have arrived!


2 Responses to “A chance to potter…”

  1. Curtis Says:

    Thats a good Idea. And very cheap. I have one of those greenhouse shelf things I can use if I get out and set it up.

  2. […] do like the rain and i don’t really mind the wind or cold temperatures but not altogether! My homemade greenhouse met a sticky end as it was ripped from its home attached to the wall and unceremoniously hurled […]

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