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Harvested ‘Solent Wight’ Garlic October 26, 2007

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harvested solent wight 

I planted a bulb of Solent Wight garlic back in April, in very small wicker baskets (each big enough for a clove) that were picked up cheap from the local garden centre. The leaves have long since died off, leaving just stumps, so i decided to investigate.  I was expecting rotten small cloves, but the garlic had grown, albeit not to the size predicted. It had split so the cloves can be separated.

That should keep us in garlic for the next few months. I think it was so small due to being Spring planted, and that to get larger cloves it needs to be Autumn planted. I’m going to split the largest clove, plant it and see what emerges come next summer…


4 Responses to “Harvested ‘Solent Wight’ Garlic”

  1. heebie Says:

    Your garlic looks great!
    I’m planting loads of it this autumn.

  2. Philip Voice Says:

    Your garlic look really healthy – have you had a crack of braiding them yet?

    I tried and failed miserably although I got a way with stringing onions:)

  3. Curtis Says:

    Looks good. I love garlic. I am planting some this weekend. Apparently I have to just get some at the supermarket and plant. As I cannot find any garlic here in garden centers.

    Next year I will order some online.

  4. You’re right, fall planting will give you huge bulbs. Also look for a garlic festival in your area for local plants. This worked really well for me last year. I tried the spring versus fall experiment and in Ottawa, there was no competition for the fall plantings.

    They look beautiful!

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