Vegmonkey and the Mrs.

Vegetable growing in a very small space in Cheltenham

2 Birds with one stone… October 14, 2007

gardening tips and ideas for home gardeners

For a while now i’ve been meaning to do 2 things on here, the first is to write a post about the ‘Garden Blog Directory’ and the second to answer Curtis at Growing Thumbs Gardens ( )who tagged Vegmonkey and the Mrs. to find out a few facts about us.

So, first, check out This is a directory of other gardening blogs, mostly in America and Australia, but also around the world too. It’s a useful resource for someone starting out growing as it shows what can be done with a big space, a small space, a lot of spare time, a little spare time etc.

Now for the facts, i think 3 is a nice number,

1. I am a primary school teacher and the Mrs. works in the travel industry

2. We are both under 30. Bet that’s a shock!

3. We really are new to this – we’ve only been growing Veg from April 2007, and are learning quickly. Are always open to new ideas but in such a small space, i think we prefer to grow a lot the veg we like. Nothing fancy,  just onions, carrots, leaves etc. All the stuff that stops us buying overpriced, chemical covered, old, tastleless shop veg.

Just wish more people could be bothered to do it…


While i’m here, might as well mention the tease that is our sweetcorn. I came, it grew, it produced one very, very tiny cob – with the most amazing sweet taste – and, well, that’s it. Much, much earlier planting next year!


3 Responses to “2 Birds with one stone…”

  1. Curtis Says:

    I wish everyone could see how a organic veggie would taste next to a store bought one.

  2. Sarah Flood Says:

    I know some plants are sensitive to day length which is maybe why the corn didn’t got big.

  3. vegmonkey Says:

    Yeah i think it needs 120 hours or something…gotta be earlier next year!

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