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Vegetable growing in a very small space in Cheltenham

Late sweetcorn? September 16, 2007

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sweetcorn growing seeds september

The sweecorn we planted back in July grew nicely in their pots, so they were planted out. This was the third planting as the first two were eaten good and proper. They have since grown nicely in ground that previously had spinach in it earlier in the season. I’m not sure if they will produce cobs or not, but one of the taller plants has tassles growing out of one side. It will either not produce anything, or will have few kernals in the finished cob. If this wind continues to be so bad, we’ll have nothing at all!  At least we’ll know to plant it earlier next year.

In other news, the very late sowing of carrots have all been eaten, so we planted some more which will hopefully be a little better protected so we have some for Christmas lunch! The slugs can’t possibly eat 200 seedlings can they?! And the courgettes which seemed to have died off, have perked up nicely and begun fruiting again. We’ve also got a few spring onions on the go as we are getting through our stored ones at a rate of knots!


2 Responses to “Late sweetcorn?”

  1. Curtis Says:

    Who knows you might get corn from the plants before the cold weather hits. Carrots at Christmas, I am thinking carrot salad!

    Curtis from Growing Thumbs (previously Growing Thumbs Gardens)

  2. Curtis Says:

    I have tagged you for a You think You know Me post. Its just a little meme going around. If you want to participate just link to me and write a few facts about yourself. Then tag seven people.I am only tagging five.

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