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Vegetable growing in a very small space in Cheltenham

The last (carrot) post – honest! August 1, 2007

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Lovely lovely july carrots

The carrots seem to be getting straighter and straighter! These little beauties came out of the ground yesterday, and went into our tummies where they belong. They have really benefitted from being in a light soil – no pest problems either, probably due to the pesky carrot fly not being able to get over the 6ft fences surrounding our garden.

I have just planted some more carrots (Amsterdam Forcing 3) which should be nicely ready around the middle – end of October.

The patio removal – and subsequent disposal has taken longer than expected. When all is complete, the new sittingy area will appear here in all her glory…


Vegmonkey and the Mrs. will return…


6 Responses to “The last (carrot) post – honest!”

  1. John Says:

    Great work – keep it up! – Carrots taste best when freshly pulled. Also why bit try some different colours?

  2. Photo Buffet Says:

    My first experience with growing carrots was disastrous. I was over-eager, and kept digging them up to look at how they’d grown. They were so CUTE. My dad was a farm advisor, and he thought that was insane. He was right; none of them made it through my constant tugging and re-burying.

    Yours look delicious!

  3. They look lovely.
    Unfortunately we didn’t have much luck with our carrots this year.
    Those that didn’t get eaten looked like little fat orange pigs tails.
    Our soil was solid clay, we kinda knew they might not work well this year.
    Cant wait to grow them next year.
    Great site!!

  4. growthumbs Says:

    They look good. Enjoy and there can never be too many carrot posts. They are good for you!

  5. Chris Says:

    Your carrots certainly do look tasty 🙂 Well done. I appreciate the effort that has gone into your veg:-) We have had hardly any carrots at all although the beetroot has been quite good. We have lost all our tomatoes this week to some sort of blight, I wondered if any were affected over your way 😦

  6. paul baker Says:

    hello to you both. trust you got back home ok after the flight. found your site ok, it looks really good.
    I have a 3ft corgette since we were away !!!! . anyway, must go, Pina Colada time, never mind. !!
    take care paul & heather.

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