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Vegetable growing in a very small space in Cheltenham

Planting scheme – posted at last! July 14, 2007

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The planting scheme (click right and up…) above, on a separate page is up and running and being used, Its purpose it to enable us to maximise the space we have by sowing veg that grows relatively quickly, that we will use and that doesn’t take up too much space at the times when it is needed!

For this reason we’ve omitted potatoes from the scheme. Of course, the plan is flexible!


One Response to “Planting scheme – posted at last!”

  1. Carol Says:

    Eee that’s reet proper that. Is it wrong to enjoy the plan-making/colouring in/poring over books as much as the actual digging/sowing/harvesting side of gardening? If so I’m a wrong-un.
    Here’s a few seed people I like, in addition to Suttons and Dobies who you already know 🙂 for rare varieties, all soil association approved. for a wide range and easy browsing/searching not easy on the eye or brain but has a huge range and you can opt to buy by weight or say ‘£1 worth of that please’.

    I’m going to order some cabbage seeds – a pointed green F1 called ‘Duncan’ cos that’s my brother’s name 😀 (I’ll be growing them at my ‘rents btw!) There’ll be too many seeds for just me, would you like some? They can be autumn sown for spring harvest and are very tasty – stirfried, stuffed, layered in a bake like lasagne sheets, casseroled, and the inner leaves/baby heads are nice in salads.

    Here’s a website with many recipes for veg, searchable by main ingredient for those days when faced with yet another marrow, etc! Obviously you can add meat to them if you must…

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