Vegmonkey and the Mrs.

Vegetable growing in a very small space in Cheltenham

Early nobbly carrots July 2, 2007

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First carrots nobbly earlies 

These are the first carrots – Amsterdam Forcing – that have poked their tops above the soil, and i just could not resist pulling them up. They aren’t as long as we expected, and not as straight and perfect but they tasted fantastic…a hundred times tastier than anything you can buy in the shops. We planted these from seed back in Feb, then moved them outside in April

I will have to be a lot more disciplined in pulling them up or we’ll only be eating baby carrots this year.

Will plant a final row if i can find the space next week, that will be ready around November time…that is if we get a little sun.

It’s interesting to think about food miles. How far does veg actually travel to be stored, packed etc? How far do you travel to fetch it? We were chopped and cooked within an hour, and the veg travelled less than 5 metres….def something to get you thinking!

Well done the Mrs. for her excellent carrot holding…potential Olympic sport?


3 Responses to “Early nobbly carrots”

  1. growthumbs Says:

    It really doesn’t matter what they look like. I bet they tasted good.

  2. Mia Says:

    I think knobbly carrots have character.

  3. Christa Says:

    Your carrots look wonderful! Even with their little imperfections, I’m sure they tasted deliciously sweet. Nothing beats food pulled straight from the ground.

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