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Spring Garlic – Solent Wight June 27, 2007

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garlic solent wight spring planting 

The garlic we sowed back in April is growing nicely. The variety is Solent Wight which is usually sowed in November. I thought we’d go for a Spring sowing to see what would happen, and sowed it in pots as garlic likes good drainage. It’s also easy to weed as we don’t have to scramble through the beds like for the onions! 

We have just started feeding the garlic with a general purpose fertiliser, and will need to do so every two weeks until it is ready.

Should be ready about August time i think, that’s if the pots are big enough and it doesn’t die! The garlic is in a temporary position at the moment as we are putting a new surface down between the beds…it’ll need to go back into full sun as soon as poss!


One Response to “Spring Garlic – Solent Wight”

  1. growthumbs Says:

    I am wanting to try my hand at growing garlic. Maybe I can spare some space in my beds to grow it.

    It’s planted in November? Guess I better get to looking for garlic online.

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