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Vegetable growing in a very small space in Cheltenham

CAULIFLOWER! June 21, 2007

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cauliflower head curd edible cut

Our second cauliflower is growing well…and has grown even more since i took the pic 2 days ago. I generally get annoyed at how long it takes for things to grow, so this little white thing is making me quite pleased. I’ve bent one of the leaves over to protect the curd from the sun (what little of it there is!), so should be Cauliflower Cheese tomorrow night!

We’ve already had one cauliflower, which we cut, and a tiny, deformed cauli has begun to grow from behind the stump. Some sort of evil twin. Not sure it looks too edible…didn’t think Cauli’s ever produced more than one head myself.


I got a bit excited (like i do…) and pulled up one of the transplanted carrots yesterday, and even though the soil is quite rich and ‘composty’ it WAS growing well, and tasted delicious when washed. Shouldn’t be long til they are ready, but i need to be careful next year not to give them as much water as they have put on way too much leaf growth!


One Response to “CAULIFLOWER!”

  1. Frankie Baby Says:

    That is one fine looking cauli. I understand the impatience too. The leafy growth on our carrots was looking so fine we had to pull one up. Tiny yes, but very tasty.

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