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Vegetable growing in a very small space in Cheltenham

Everything getting bigger! June 17, 2007

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Garden as a whole 

I thought it a good time to take a picture of the garden as a whole.

Legumes – The far bed has runner beans which have just reached the top of their canes, and the broad beans which are still producing, but the blackfly is taking over. Next to that i have planted some more broad beans and have decided on 8ft canes…not sure i’ll be able to reach the tops to pinch them out! We’ve also got a variety of lettuce and Endive in here, which we seem to have a never ending supply of!

BrassicasThe cauliflowers all have heads…much earlier than i thought they would, and the rocket is growing nicely in their shade. We’ve also got turnips hiding in there, which i planted just to see what they would do, but which are growing quicker than anything else. The purple sprouting broccoli is alive still after having a bit of a munching lately, but nothing that a picking off of a few caterpillars won’t solve. This bed also contains a foxglove, poached egg flower which will encourage pest-eating insects into the garden when they flower!

brassicas cauliflower broccoli

Roots – The roots have been the slowest bed to grow, and the hardest to weed. The transplanted carrots have done better than the ground sown ones, as is the case with the parsnips. The onions have put on a load of growth on top, but not much underneath, so I keep having to straighten them up so they don’t flop onto the leeks, which are growing ever so slowly.

Cucurbits – The bed on the right is being taken over by the pumpkin plants, and the sunflowers climbing up the wall. The squashes and courgettes are growing slowly, with a little bit of mildew on the leaves (which have been removed) but are filling out. In here we also have a load of poached egg flower and candytuft that will flower soon, and make everything look bright and colourful.

Back bench and wall – Tomato plants in buckets and in hanging baskets on the back wall are all growing nicely, and just beginning to flower. The should be an abundance of tommys soon! Now where’s that recipe for tomato sauce i found?


2 Responses to “Everything getting bigger!”

  1. Carolyn Says:

    I like seeing overview shots once in a while so I can envision where each person is working. You’ve made your space look lush and lovely.

  2. squarechick Says:

    cool blog Vegmonkey (and the Mrs). Your garden looks to be groaning with veg – good work. I’ll be checking back soon to take a look at your progress!

    ragged radishes

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