Vegmonkey and the Mrs.

Vegetable growing in a very small space in Cheltenham

Runner beans pinched out June 15, 2007

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runner beans pinched out canes poles blackfly

The runner beans  have taken just two weeks to climb right to the top of the six ft canes. I’ve just today pinched out the tips of the vines so that they won’t put any more energy into growing upwards, and will hopefully put it into producing beans!

The runner beans next to them are being devoured by blackfly, something i’ve come to not actually mind! They generally just pick on a few vulnerable beans, and leave the rest to grow.

Th second row of runners has just gone in (on 8ft canes this time!), so they should begin to start cropping when the first batch is at its height! Spinach has also been planted in between the rows to give it a bit of shade while growing. We’ve used garden twine to attach the canes together, as it’s more hardy than string, and easier to manipulate than wire.

Let’s just hope the blackfly doesn’t feel like moving next door!


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