Vegmonkey and the Mrs.

Vegetable growing in a very small space in Cheltenham

Giant radish – ‘Sparkler’ June 9, 2007

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radish sparkler 3 close up macro vegetable 

Back from a few days away and everything is going crazy. We’re harvesting stuff like mad (and secretly smiling to ourselves) and thinking about keeping up with the planting too.

I apologise for doing another entry on radish so soon after the last, especially when there is so much else going on in the garden, but they are huge! We’ve found the ideal spacing, so that at 3cm, we can still cram plenty in.  They only take a few weeks to grow, and taste delicious, slightly nutty.

The second time around we have intercropped with lettuce, so now that can quite happily get on with growing while i plant some more radish in between. The finger in the pic below is to show how GIANT our radishes are…now where did i leave that jacket potato???

Big radishes sparkler 3



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