Vegmonkey and the Mrs.

Vegetable growing in a very small space in Cheltenham

Radish a success! May 21, 2007

Filed under: growing — vegmonkey @ 4:16 pm

Radish picked eaten

Hoorah….the picture speaks for itself! We ate them with rocket from the garden, spinach from the garden and a jacket potato…from er… Morrisons. The one on the right seems to have had a little more space, and is enormous…as small radishes go. 

The blackfly on the broad beans has been attacked by my atomizer, and i have pinched out the affected growing tips of the plants….not sure what effect this will have as the beans haven’t set yet. Time will tell.

Planted wild rocket and cos lettuce yesterday, for something different, and thinned the brocolli right down to 4 plants. Have transplanted 6 more to buckets, that can be put back into the bed over the winter, if they survive, when there is more space available.


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