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Vegetable growing in a very small space in Cheltenham

The Womble – a pest like no other! May 13, 2007

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Pests in the garden don’t come much worse

I know slugs and snails can be a problem for most gardens…but i have a master plan for that…coming soon. We don’t really have a problem with birds either, being in a town. Cats can be a bit of a pain (as witnessed by my most recent lettuce sowings…which were manured in the only way a cat knows how), i’m working on a solution for that.

But Wombles! Hands up who has them! I find they have a particular liking for my little cauliflower plants. I phoned the RHS, but they declined to comment…i then tried calling a garden centre nearby here, but apparently wombles haven’t been native in the UK since 1975.

What’s confusing me is the little blighter is using my trowel! Any ideas?


One Response to “The Womble – a pest like no other!”

  1. Muppet Says:

    If you leave a copy of The Times lying around, the Womble will pick it up and take it home to Uncle Bulgaria.

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