Vegmonkey and the Mrs.

Vegetable growing in a very small space in Cheltenham

Fresh rocket May 8, 2007

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FRESH, Chlorine free Rocket

Enjoying your sandwich? So are we!

We have fresh rocket growing in the garden! It’s not really big enough to pick, but we have been nibbling the odd leaf. It tastes so much more peppery than what you buy in the supermarket, plus i know that it is fresh, not up to a month old, again, like what can be bought in the supermarkets.

Our salad has not been packaged in plastic wrapping, filled with modified air to halt the decomposition process, nor has it been washed in a Chlorine solution 20 times stronger, than in your local swimming pool.

I know what i prefer…


3 Responses to “Fresh rocket”

  1. Jo Says:

    If you get a surplus of crop will you be selling your extra homegrown goodies? Hope so!

    Best of luck with your veg patch Vegmonkey & the Mrs.

    I’ll do a raindance for you if the sun gets too greedy for sky time.


  2. vicks Says:

    ahhhhh sounds lovely!!!, please to see you have something growing!, when are you coming to do mine?????

  3. Vegmonkey Says:

    I know…stuff with leaves in the garden that you can eat! I’ll come help you with yours when it gets a bit warmer again, and Ad cranks up the barbie!

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